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After being awoken from cryogenic sleep, Master Chief crash lands on a planet infested by aliens known as Prometheans.
4 years after the destruction of the final Halo and the ending of the Covenant, Master Chief is woken by Cortana. The war is over, he Covenant has been reformed, and there are new Spartans. The Covenant boards the ship, and Master Chief is forced to retreat. He crashes on a new planet populated by a new race of warriors- the Forerunners. Now, these surviving Forerunner Machines and the Covenant begin attacking the UNSC, and the Master Chief is forced to do his job- leading the UNSC's forces against these new enemies. History and secrets will be revealed, another new enemy will come to light, and the Chief will do his best to save humanity, again.
I went into this game with great expectations but was sorely disappointed by a lot of things.<br/><br/>1. The weapons were really bad for the most part. Most of them were brand-new and looked awesome, but underperformed in the long run.<br/><br/>2. The game-play graphics were absolutely horrendous. The brightness was set WAY too high and made many areas and players impossible to see, and the appearances of the characters were so overly done that they looked like machines.<br/><br/>3. The multi-player was terrible to say the least. There was simply not one good thing about it. Way too fast-paced, the graphics were still awful, and the presence of kill-streaks and care packages turned Halo into Call of Duty, and it did not work at all. Halo multi-player became completely unrecognizable.<br/><br/>I will credit the campaign story with being well-constructed and pretty immersing, but the weapons and graphics took too much away from that. 343 absolutely wrecked the uniqueness that was Halo multi-player and replaced it with a wannabe Call of Duty clone. The only reason this game gets a 3/10 from me is the storyline. It&#39;s not worth the money. Good thing I only played it at a friend&#39;s house.
Considering the loads of nothingness that has been poured from the American movie industry the last couple of years I have to almost exclaim: How in the name of everything that has ever been anything in and beyond this world did Halo 4: Forward unto dawn NOT make it into the theaters?! This may not be an exceptional piece of art, but it beats the living juhaa out any action/ I have seen in a while. Discounting, for a moment, the excellent directing and very convincing acting that is pretty much constant through the 90&#39;ish minutes movie, the filming and especially special effects needs to at least demand a couple of nominations at the Oscars. Except from a VERY brief encounter with the very first Halo game back in the day I was completely oblivious to the Halo universe before seeing this movie. This proved to be of no concern as towards following the story of the movie, in which one constantly gets a little closer to both the main characters of the movie and the back story of Halo. It is a great introduction to the universe of Halo and as a movie I gladly rank it beside some of the top;s of this century so far.

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